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TBCO is one of the only accounting and bookkeeping companies in Ottawa that sees the big picture when it comes to achieving financial success. We know that accounting isn’t just about completing the required paperwork and submitting your taxes on time—it’s about understanding where your money is coming from, where it’s going and how you can maximize your savings.

Our goal is to illustrate what each number on your financial statement means to you. We will illuminate the path to your success and wealth by deciphering the meaning of your financial activities and teaching you creative and innovative ways to save money.

At The Bookkeeping Company of Ottawa, we go above and beyond what’s expected of regular accountants to give you the tools, insights and resources to take control of your finances and make the responsible choices for your own success and wealth.

Speak to a Chartered Professional Accountant about our professional bookkeeping, accounting and tax services in Ottawa and area. Or, refer a friend and take advantage of our customer referral program.


The Bookkeeping Company of Ottawa was founded by Moe Tabesh, CPA, CGA in 2014.

Before earning his Chartered Professional Accountant Designation Moe studied at Heritage College in Hull, Quebec, Moe worked long and hard to support himself through university. Here is his story.

As a newcomer to Canada at the age of 21, Moe did not know where to begin building his new life and career. He enrolled in university, but like many Canadians, he had to find a way to support himself during his studies.

One of his first jobs was as a taxi driver, but the 17-hour shifts were so demanding that he could not attend his classes. At this point, even though Moe was running a business and supporting himself, he was not satisfied. He wanted to do so much more in life—he wanted to learn more about entrepreneurship and contribute more to society. Somehow, though, he felt stuck and helpless. He had to dig deep to find a way to get back on his feet, gain back his confidence and succeed.

How does a person do all this? By becoming an expert in business and commerce. Moe made a decision to stop working and finish university to become a Chartered Professional Accountant. He registered at Heritage College under the bright leadership of professors Tony Guarna and Ian Ramsay. He enrolled at Ottawa University right after and finished the Bachelor of Commerce program in 2.5 years.

During this time, Moe developed a very keen and passionate interest in business, taxation, accounting and entrepreneurship. He aced his exams and started helping family and friends with his acquired business and taxation skills to help them save more money by paying less taxes.

Soon he founded his own taxation company called Express Tax to help students get their refunds faster by e-filing their taxes and reminding them to claim their tuition fees (T2202A) since they could be carried forward indefinitely.

As he proudly went about his new initiative at a favourite coffee shop, the owner of the shop approached him and asked if he could help his business succeed as well. Anxiously, Moe accepted, and soon, other local businesses and professionals started approaching him for help. The rest, as we say, is history…

Moe Tabesh

Moe Tabesh

President - CPA

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