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Our Services

Let Us Keep Your Finances In Order

Assessment & Account Set Up

Let us help you solve those hard to fix problems.
$125 Per Hour

We will work with you up to a maximum of 8 hours to sort through your current financials.

On Site Service

Let Us Come To You
$85 - $145 Per Hour

We will come to your location and take care of your accounting needs.

Administrative Services

Why Pay More For Basic Services?
$25 Per Hour

Some of what we do is just simple administrative work – but it is important to getting your accounting needs completed. So why pay our full hourly rate?

Quickbooks Hosted Solutions

Let us take care of your Quickbooks.
$65 Per Month & Up

We are Quickbooks certified – so let us quicken the process by helping you manage your books online.

Keep Your Books Organized and Those Receipts In Check.


From Receipt Scanning To Invoice Reconciliation
$60 Per Hour
Accounting can only work if your books are in order. Let us make sure your finances are organized.

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. Get Through It Without The Headache.

Personal Taxes

For You, Your Spouse & Dependants
$125 & Up
Let us take care of all the heavy lifting this tax season and get you the best tax return for your family.

Corporate Taxes

Get Your Business Taxes Done On Time!
$500 & Up
Don’t let your tax filings take you away from your business. Let us take care of all the hassle and make sure your taxes are on time.

Year End

Get Your Books Closed. Period.
Case By Case
Get your books reviewed and up-to-date so you can start preparing for next year with the peace of mind of understanding your current financial structure.

Need Some Advice? Let Us Get You The Answers.


Let us help you solve those hard to fix problems.
$125 Per Hour
We are here to advise you on what solutions are available to you – and which are the right direction to take.

Allow Us To Guide You Through The Journey of Business Ownership

Business Coaching

Let us help you get the most from your business.
$200 Per Month
We work with you to help make your business reach its full potential – and not just from a financial standpoint.
Find out about our current offers – including DISCOVERBOOKKEEPING & group workshops.

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