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Self Improvements

Are you wondering what self improvements has to do with accounting? Everything …

I’ll explain, before I start explaining I like you to ponder on this: SUCCESSFUL business, makes the operator/owner/entrepreneur HAPPY, when you are happy you are having FUN and Enjoying yourself, you are SMILING. You are also making more MONEY and that has made you some WEALTH you may be EXCITED if you are doing what your doing with PASSION. You may also like what you do which is HELPING others. If you are succeeding in these area you may be in a great HEALTH and physical shape. You are probable very SPRITUAL Do you see the pattern?

Effectiveness, happiness, success, passion, contribution, excitement, fun, money, smiling, wealth, health comes from great psychology. How to develop that, self improvements.

You may agree with me, thank you! or you may disagree with me, which will start your self improvement journey. Then I would ask you to do your own research on Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, Rockefeller, Milton Erickson, Abraham Lincoln, Omar Khayyam, Avicenna, Cyrus the Great,  … There are also some living legendries who have created an amazing and fulfilling life.

Here are some small practices that will make your Psychology so powerful just like going to the gym on a regular basis, no matter what you exercise as long as you do it consistently, you will get stronger and are in a better shape.

1. Say this every day, it was actually created almost 100 years ago by Mr. Émile Coué, a Psychologist in France. I would say this is the start of modern self-improvement era. Try to say it with emphasis and passion to burn it on your brain and subconscious. He recommended to say this at least 20 times in a day.

“Every day, every where, I’m getting better and better”. The actual French text is ” Tous les jours à tous points de vue je vais de mieux en mieux“.

This is so effective that you can move it to other areas, such,

Every day, every where: I’m getting smarter and smarter,

Every day, every where: I’m getting brighter and brighter,

Every day, every where: I’m getting stronger and stronger,

Every day, every where: I’m getting healthier and healthier,

I had actually created my own method similar to this. If any negative thoughts would have come to me, I would reverse it in a positive way and repeat the phrase 10 times so that when I thought about it again a positive outcome will envision in my mind. Here is an example,  let’s say I had an exam and the first thought that would surface was “you gonna fail this one” I wouldn’t dissect to see what caused me to say that, perhaps there were logical reasons but I wasn’t interested since the suggested outcome was negative. So my solution, “I will Ace this exam” I would repeat this till I believed I would ace the exam. I did. You can do this each time a negative thoughts pop up. Don’t look for reasons, change the thoughts. The next practice definitely helps to put you in the right directions.

2. Practice appreciating what you have and achieved in your life with passion. every morning for 5 minutes, write down what you are grateful for. I’ll help you, your education, your job, your love, your family, your friends, your hobbies, your goals, your skills, your riches, your ability to help others, your wisdom, your guidance, your life’s direction, new people coming to your life, … One of mine is “I’m so happy, excited and grateful now that I have lots of love and guidance in my life”. Use this phrase to begin:

“I’m so happy, excited and grateful now that I … “

When you practice appreciating what you have more goods will come to you, it kills doubts and fears.

3. Another daily practice: when you walk to work repeat this phrase “I love my life” or “I love my self”. Tony Robbins suggests, breathing out 4 times saying this phrase, and breath in 4 times and tapping (EFT) your fingers at the same time.


Scientific way to make your mind stronger, make you even more smart!


Brain Evolution System

There are proven scientific technique that can stimulate your mind and make it even more powerful, after all our brain is a biological machine be it the most sophisticated one.  Brain Evolution System offers multiple products that can stimulate your brain, some of the benefits: Release STRESS… Enjoy More RELAXATION… Master EMOTIONS…
Increase BRAIN POWER… Think SHARPER… Improve MEMORY… Raise Your MOOD… Rocket Your ENERGY LEVELS… Sleep LESS…aren’t these amazing? Think of this as an investment for your mind, success and health.


Brain Salon

The science behind the Brain Salon can be explained quickly and easily. Let’s give it a go.

Every state of mind has a unique electrical signature that can be detected in the brain. These signatures are known as “brainwaves.” Using specialized equipment, these waves can be measured and recorded, allowing us to map what brainwaves are present during certain key states of mind.

The audio sessions in the Brain Salon combine inaudible pulses with lavish natural sounds to recreate certain brainwave signatures, using a scientifically-proven process known as “brainwave entrainment.”

This enables the Brain Salon to recreate brainwave patterns, and bring about certain states of mind on-demand. States such as increased creativity, deep relaxation, or enhanced focus, for example. All the listener has to do is listen to the audio, and the states come about naturally – usually within minutes.

The Brain Salon does not use hypnosis or subliminal messages. Instead, it helps to improve what the brain does naturally – quickly “training” your perform precisely as you wish, on-demand.

Want to Explore the Brain Salon Science Labs?

Don’t want the microwave version? Want to really learn more about the science of brainwave entrainment?

It’s our passion – and we’d love to share it with you! Just grab a cup of tea, get comfortable, and click on this link. It’ll take you about twenty minutes to read everything.


Sleep Salon

  • Are you spending night after night, staring up at the ceiling?

  • Do you often suffer from insomnia, or sleeplessness?

  • Trouble getting to sleep due to pain, stress, caffeine addiction?

    The Sleep Salon guarantees you the best night’s sleep ever.
    All you have to do is listen to a simple MP3 file.

    The Sleep Salon is a ‘brainwave’ audio program. It works by using special tones and pulses, which help influence your brainwave patterns. Listening to this audio gently takes you down from a waking ‘alpha’ state into a deep ‘delta’ sleep.

    It’s incredibly powerful. The Sleep Salon improves on what the brain does naturally, lulling you into a deep sleep within minutes.

    Just hit the ‘Play’ button and listen as you fall asleep. No headphones are required, and you’ll probably never hear the end of the recording. Wave goodbye to insomnia and sleepless nights – and say hello to a fresh morning and happier mood!

    The Sleep Salon contains 12 brainwave MP3 sessions. Just read the user guide and listen to the one most suited to the type of insomnia you’re experiencing.



Nitro Focus

Discover the scientific solution to increasing your productivity. Nitrofocus is a brainwave MP3 program. It uses special sounds to increase your brain’s focus levels, helping you become ultra-productive in just minutes. Listen on repeat while you work, and see the results for yourself! Just listen – and increase your output: More focus, productivity & results.  Here is an MP3 gift for you.



I’m talking about true Hypnosis that can trigger your subconscious mind to get you ahead in life. Again, our mind is so powerful the trick is how to use it at its best. One of my life super hero Mr. Milton Erickson mastered the art of hypnosis and healed so many people. he was an extraordinary man. Read up on him and het his books and see how he transforms his life by hypnotising himself first. Try a free MP3 right from here.


Guided Meditation

One of the amazing things that the latest technology is doing is providing with what we need effectively. At Zen12, you can sign up and practice meditation for 12 minutes a day. After 10 days you have done 120 minutes that is an incredible 2 hours of your life. If you are a business owners and reading this, you need this and this will become your best source of living better with more meaning in life so relaxed and ….


Subliminal Guru

Again what can I say, you don’t even have to lift a finger and you will be programmed to perform much better than you did before. Try the Subliminal Guru and there is a gift for you!




To be continued …

ps, I will give you the name of some of the books who have changed so many people to reach their pinnacle of success.

ps2, psychology is 80% of the ingredients to effectiveness, happiness, success, passion, contribution, excitement, fun, money, wealth, and health. the other 20% is accounting — the mechanics.

ps3, none of those people had initial resources: time, money, education, luck, break — they had an amazing resourcefulness powers.