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For a while which could be more than 10 years I wanted to find a new way to advertise my services and at the same time tell people how I’m different. I mean how do you do this for accounting, taxation, and bookkeeping? I wasn’t able to do this and find the right approach. Trust me, I tried, I said, I can save you money, cut your expenses, blah blah blah … they didn’t have the standards that I was looking for. I wanted a bigger impact, more convincing message … One day it all came to me. I was so excited, you see, I was told, or accountants are told that we are “number crunchers”, “bean counters” … there it is. We are those characters and even better, we are Superheroes, and yes it is nerdy that fits perfectly with our profession.

So, the first Superhero was created, roll the drums …. screen opens, lights, sound effect ….


Captain Number Cruncher – he loves crunching numbers and at the same time doesn’t like the Booky, the first villain.

Wait, he has a helper …. the ever sexy, the amazing bean counter … she has a record in counting beans, no one can beat that record, she is great and helps adding up the beans.

More heroes, the Accounting Wizard — he can turn the financial statements to show more profits, he does magic with accounting, so even say that he tell your “fortune”

Doctor Tax, when he was a child, he memorized the Income Tax Act and knows every section and sub section that exist. he uses his knowledge in saving taxes.

Control Freak, the external and internal auditor and internal control guru. In a second he can tell every weakness in the business operation and as a tip leaves a process map for key controls.

Cloud Guru, she leaves in the clouds and provides cloud computing.


Together they are the CPA superheroes who live in go and visit them at

yes, and of course yes, there is no BALANCE here: we need more villains, here they are:

Spreadsheet, so powerful in analysing and adding things up however, often formulas are wrong and give the users inadequate information.

Le Shifre, always negative …

The Shoeboxer. he used to be a hero but turned to the dark side. He is powerful and worthy foe of Captain Number Cruncher.



here is the first episode comic strip

in Numetrica.City

Comic Strip

More comic strips, flash video and graphics are coming … perhaps a cartoon or a book 🙂