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How does capital gain exemption works and what you need to know – Demystifying Capital Gains exemptions

Demystifying Capital Gains exemptions I find that some of my clients are confused about the concept of Capital gains exemptions, They can’t fathom why they don’t have to pay taxes when they have sole their incorporations and made a substantial gain.  Well let’s explain it so there is no room for confusion. What qualifies as capital? […]

5 deciding features in selecting a professional to prepare your personal tax return (T1)

Consider these factors when you are looking for a tax professional, please get a professional to help you if your taxes are complicated. Education and training There are different levels of professionals who prepare tax returns. Some are CPAs meaning they are university graduates who have passed the rigorous CPA exams. None designated accountants who […]

How Cloud Accounting Can Benefit You

Cloud accounting can give your business the leverage that it needs to excel. If you are looking for the most effective way to process your business financial transactions, you ought to be using cloud accounting system. The cloud is basically a term that we use for using online tools. I think cloud accounting is one of the […]

For a while which could be more than 10 years I wanted to find a new way to advertise my services and at the same time tell people how I’m different. I mean how do you do this for accounting, taxation, and bookkeeping? I wasn’t able to do this and find the right approach. Trust me, I […]

4 Great Reasons to Use Cloud Accounting

4 Great Reasons to Use Cloud Accounting 4 great reasons to use cloud accounting software for your company, give you time, data storage, accessibility, affordability, cash flow management Cloud accounting simply means that the financial accounting data and information are available on line through online accounting software, such as QuickBooks Online, Xero, Kashoo, Wave, and FreshBooks . […]

Family Tax Cut/Income Splitting

Family tax cut Under Canada’s tax system, federal personal income tax rates increase with the level of taxable income of the individual. As a result, a couple in which one individual has a higher taxable income than the other often pays more federal income tax than a couple where both individuals have equal taxable income. […]

Important Due Dates

Due dates to submit reports and returns to Canada revenue agency (CRA) are extremely important, even if you can’t make payments on what you owe please send the reports to CRA to avoid late filing interest and penalties. Some of these fees, depending on how much you owe could potentially be very high. Mark these […]